Hello!! I am Lisa Michelle and I’m SO glad you’re here!! I am thrilled to be sharing my thoughts, experiences and life with you all!

There have been so many times over the past few years that I have thought about writing a blog or starting some sort of channel and it is FINALLY happening!! I could not be more excited! Just so you know have a feel for who I am, here’s a bit about me!


I am a St. Louis girl through and through. I was born here and have laid deep roots. My family, church, schools and college are all in St. Louis. I’ve loved growing up here and now love raising my own family right here in St. Louis!

My mom is from St. Louis as well (and once my dad met her, he was here to stay too!). They are both incredibly talented musicians that raised me with a HUGE love for music and performing. I was lucky enough to grow up performing and singing all over town at many different events and in different ensembles or companies.


I’ve loved every minute on the stage, in rehearsals, learning dance numbers, choreographing shows and pretty much doing anything related to musical theater or performing. I’ve been honored to be the choreographer and co-director of Westminster Christian Academy’s annual musical since 2013.


We have been thrilled and grateful to have been awarded “Best Production Overall” in the St. Louis High School Musical Theater Awards in 2017 (the first year they held the awards show!), 2019 (while SO pregnant with Parker James!), and 2020 as well as “Best Direction” in 2018. The kids I’ve directed and worked with have become family to me and I hold them so close to my heart.

I received my degree in Musical Theater here in St. Louis at MBU which is also where I met my amazing husband, Matt. We got married in 2011 and have had two WONDERFUL boys, Jaden and Parker James. They are our entire world and fill our whole hearts everyday!


I have SO loved being a mama! It has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done and I couldn’t be more blessed to call those boys my own!

As a mama, I have discovered so many AMAZING products that I am not sure we could live without! I also had quite the pregnancy and birth experience with both boys that were COMPLETELY night and day from each other. 


Before I had my first, I read several books on how to do this whole “taking-care-of-a-baby” thing. I stumbled across an absolutely incredible book that was a HUGE game changer for us. I cannot wait to share my findings!! (Check out this post for my 13 MUSTS when bringing home your baby!)



In addition to loving performing, I am a super crafty person. I LOVE a good project (my husband thinks maybe too much!!). I am ALL about being resourceful as well as repurposing items in your home, figuring out how to fix things or make them work in a better way. 


It seems that I’m always repainting this or refinishing that or using my hot glue gun for “this, that and the other.” (I’m not kidding when I say it’s probably out on a daily basis!) Give me something to create, paint, sew, calligraphy, reupholster, crochet/knit or repurpose, and I am one happy gal! (Check out this DIY project!)


I also love organization, systems, and making lists and plans! I am in no way a perfectionist or “type-A” but I sure do love a good schedule!! Project organizing and management are huge passions of mine and part of my everyday life. 


Whenever there is an event I’m in charge of, an upcoming trip, or just a busy week, I’m all about planning daily “To Do’s” so the project doesn’t sneak up on me! (Believe it or not I was not always like that! Subscribe for a post on that to come!)


Throughout my childhood, I always had trouble with body image issues (as unfortunately so many of us women have). I was not a thin person and have only been “skinny” once in my life after doing a strict diet with my hubby. 


I have been on a health journey since my early 20’s and it has been a roller coaster to say the least. I have learned SO much about my body and what foods are TRULY healthy as well as taste great (picky eater here!). 


On my health journey, I’ve followed many different eating plans and have learned so much along the way. I can’t wait to share some of the recipes as well as tips and tricks I’ve discovered throughout my journey! (Click HERE to read about my health and weight loss journey!)


If you know me, you’ll know I am a talker. I have to talk things out to process my thoughts. Those who know me would also tell you, I am also a storyteller- like a dramatic, often comedic, (sometimes loud-sorry!), “act-out-the-entire-thing” kind of story teller. Having a blog to share my stories and past experiences is just another great form of processing my thoughts and sharing my life with others! 

Something I truly love is teaching! I LOVE to show others how to do things or share with them something I’ve discovered! 

After graduation from college with my Musical Theater degree, like I said earlier, I started teaching private lessons almost full time in addition to being asked by my favorite High school teacher and mentor to start co-directing and choreographing the school musical with him every year. 


This has been one the best things I have ever done! I have loved EVERY minute of those rehearsals, production meetings, performances, the dressing room panic and shenanigans. 

The kids in these shows have become like my own. I have loved sharing my musical gifts with others and have loved being a teacher and mentor to these amazing kiddos! 

Through these shows, I have come to love teaching so deeply. This blog is just another form of teaching and sharing my knowledge with others! I will share, through this blog, tutorials and “how-to’s” for many things I’ve made or redone in my home. There are so many totally simple projects I’ve done that I’m sure so many would love to try too!


Another one of my passions is chatting with other mamas and girlfriends about their home life routines, how they’re raising their babies, their beauty routines, products they love to use and what they do to pamper themselves and feel beautiful! 

Something else I  plan to share with you, are the products I love, my beauty routines, some hair tutorials and more! Over the years I’ve discovered INCREDIBLE products that I’ll never stray from!

Feeling good in the skin your in is SO important! I have definitely been at places in my life where I have not. I have learned along the way some easy and great ways to look good and feel good!


I have HUGE plans for this blog. I have dreamed of working from home in a creative online space so long and I am THRILLED it is finally happening! Here’s a sneak peak at my future plans and goals!


  • I will share my stories and be an encouragement to other moms that have had similar struggles or experiences that I have had.

  • We will build a community and share experiences as well as know-hows with others.

  • I plan to help promote others that have great kid/baby products, home products, or products that are great for mamas so they get more business!

I could NOT be more excited for what is ahead for this blog and I’d LOVE for you to be a part of the journey!



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  1. So excited to see you share your story! I’ve known Lisa for 10 years, and everything she just wrote about herself is totally true. She is a great friend and a great friend to have in your back pocket for many reasons stated above in the blog! Many blessings, friend!

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