body firming cream
body firming cream
body firming cream

Neora’s body firming cream is definitely the best body lotion I have ever used! It’s the best tightening cream especially for us mamas with our post baby bodies!

body firming cream

Having babies is HARD on a mama’s body! Let’s be honest… LIFE is hard on a body! I find myself often trying to hide or cover up parts of me that have been damaged over time. 

Personally, I’ve experienced first hand what pregnancy, nursing and baby chasing, does to your skin. The aftermath can leave your skin stretched out, marked up, rippled and worn. 

As a mama, in a lot of ways I am proud of these scars and marks. It tells the story of the battle my body has been through. Also the strength it had to carry and birth two amazing boys. 

Yet, baby weight can be lost. Muscles can be strengthened. Clothes can get looser. But that won’t fix the lumps and bumps on the back of our thighs! 

Many moms find themselves searching for something to help tighten and tone the skin. There are many body firming creams out there but I’ve found many don’t give the results they claim to deliver.

However, Neora’s body firming cream does deliver the results us mamas are looking for! 



I know I’ve personally been overwhelmed at times when browsing other skin care brands when there are too many “types” of the same thing to choose from. It can be difficult to know which cream would be right for you. 

Neora’s body firming cream works to address multiple skin issues. It also is great for any skin type! No need to worry if you’ve purchased the correct one for you!


body firming cream


The firming cream is designed for the neck down and works to smooth the skin. It repairs damages as well as tightens, tones and firms. The lotion has many natural hydrators which gives the skin a very soft, hydrated look and feel. 

Neora’s body firming cream also leaves the skin protected from damage brought on by environmental stressors. 

Here are the skin issues the body firming cream addresses: 


          • Sagging skin
          • Rippley or creppey skin
          • Firms loose skin
          • Removes appearance of cellulite and dimples
          • Helps to improve skin’s elasticity 
          • Softens skin
          • Hydrates skin

Most people love to use the lotion on their stomach, thighs, arms (or as I call them, your “wings”), love handles and seat area. Some even like to use it on their neck or decolletage area with the night and day cream (anti-aging for the face!) for an added boost!

I’ve seen the body firming cream do WONDERS for so many friends’ skin as well as my own! Keep reading for some of their before and after photos!


So you’re probably thinking what sets this body firming cream apart from other lotions? 

For one thing, the ingredients are exclusive to Neora! You won’t be able to find these active ingredients anywhere else. These formulas are patented and proven  to work! 

The ingredients are natural and plant based which makes them very gentle even to those that have the most sensitive skin! One of my friends had such sensitive skin she couldn’t use any other lotions or even cleansers until she tried our creams! 

body firming cream

Also, since Neora takes a holistic approach to anti aging, like I said above, the body firming cream addresses numerous skin issues. It is difficult to find other creams that not only address so many issues but actually correct them!

It is truly a multifunctional cream. 



The science behind these products is just another example of how Neora is unrivaled.

The ingredients Neora uses are breakthrough and cutting edge in the anti-aging market. These products are set apart from the crowd because of their YEARS of clinically proven, scientific research. 

Neora is completely dedicated to finding the best scientist in the market. This means they have  the best research and the best ingredients because they  TRULY want their products to work as well as deliver the results you are looking for!


body firming cream


The body firming cream was tested in an independent 12 week Clinical. During the trial, 100%  of people using the body firming cream showed remarkable improvement in their skin’s firmness as well as their skin’s tone and elasticity.

In addition,  92% of people using the lotion had better appearance in cellulite on their skin! Those numbers are HUGE for a skincare trial!

For more on the science behind these products, read 15 Reasons Why I Chose Neora


Like I said before, these dermatologist-tested, clinically proven ingredients are exclusive to Neora. Here’s a closer look at what’s in the “magic bottle”!


      • SIG -1273 – (Neora Exclusive!)

This is a dual-action molecule that Neora patented. It has very many antioxidant properties. SIG- 1273 also protects the skin as the foundation of this molecule is an organic phytol composite. 


      • SAL- 14 – (Neora Exclusive!)

This ingredient is a combination of several different vitamins and antioxidants including bidens pilosa and mauritia flexuosa


      • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice 
      • Caffeine
      • White Willow Bark
      • Green Tea 
      • Forskohlii root oil
      • Cocoa and Shea Butter

body firming cream


A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially when it comes to before and afters! 

To be honest, when I first saw my friend posting about Neora before I knew what it was, I thought the pictures were photoshopped. They were so incredible I didn’t believe the results could be real. 

When I finally asked my friend about them, she knew every single person in these photos. She could also tell me how long they had been using the products. I couldn’t believe that products that worked this well actually existed! 

I think it would be best for you to see what this body firming cream can really do! If you would like to know who these friends of mine are and how I know them, please feel free to shoot me an email!

body firming cream

 body firming cream

body firming cream

body firming cream

body firming cream

body firming cream

body firming cream

body firming cream

body firming cream


body firming cream

body firming cream

body firming cream

If you’re like me, you’re probably as blown away as I was at those photos! These products truly deliver results and are the most effective age defying products out there! I will never use a different body lotion!

Neora has an amazing money back guarantee as well. If you would like to try the body firming cream, try it for 30 days. If you weren’t satisfied (or just need the money back!) send the bottle back to Neora empty for a full refund- no questions asked! 

Now it’s time to get YOU the results so you can get YOUR before and after!!


–   –   –   –


I’d love to answer any questions about Neora! Check out Neora’s website for other products and to order! Or email me and I can help you place your order! You can also check out this awesome video about all of Neora’s products! Be sure to check back here for more posts as well as follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!


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