Top 15 Quick Healthy Snacks


I don’t know about you, but finding quick healthy snacks can be a trick sometimes! Especially if you’re like me and constantly on the go.  

Eating healthy is something I’ve strived for most of my adult life. That doesn’t mean I’ve been able to stick to it consistently but it’s been a large focus for me.

If you haven’t already, go read about my hormonal roller coaster struggle!

As some of you may already know if you’ve been following along in my Instagram Stories, I just started a health and weight management program.

I’m SUPER excited about it because I don’t really have to change anything! There’s no shakes. No meal plans. No wraps. No starving yourself.

Just 3 powders dumped in your drink throughout the day and that’s the program! The simplicity alone is what I’m so stoked about! 

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While doing Neora Fit, I am doing my best to choose better snacks and be more mindful of my meals. 

Since healthy snacks were on the brain, I thought I would compile a list of my top 15 quick healthy snacks! Almost all of these are gluten free and sugar free!


1. Chicken Sausage

Number one on my top 15 quick healthy snacks list is chicken sausage! 


I LOVE breakfast foods. They’re probably my favorites. However, they’re not usually the healthiest. Sausage is one of my favorite breakfast foods but can be hard on the body.


In my search for healthy breakfast meat, I found several different forms of turkey and chicken sausage. But as you can imagine, some brands were definitely better than others!


After trying brand after brand, I landed on Applegate’s Natural Chicken Sausage! 


I love how many different flavors they have and that they seem the closest to pork breakfast sausage without all the calories!


Also, they’re super easy to make since they’re already cooked and just need to be popped in the microwave! 


This would be considered a fuel pull on Trim Healthy Mama. 

2. Strawberries & Greek Yogurt

Number 2 on my list of quick healthy snacks is strawberries with greek yogurt! 


This snack is super easy and makes a great afternoon pick me up or dessert after dinner!


I usually just slice up my strawberries and make a “greek yogurt dip”. Even though store bought vanilla greek yogurt tastes great, it’s usually full of sugars. 


Plain greek yogurt is way too sour and tangy for me. SO! I shake a bit of stevia and vanilla extract in it and BAM! Vanilla greek yogurt with zero sugar! 


This is definitely great for those moments where you need something sweet! 

3. Nut Thins

Many of you probably know about these babies, but JUST in case you don’t! Nut Thins are AMAZING! 

When you’re trying to cut out unhealthy snacks such as chips and crackers, it’s always helpful to have something else in place of it! 

These Nut Thins are that perfect salty snack with just the right amount of crunch! 

They also come in lots of different flavors! My three favorites are Sea Salt, Ranch and Honey- Cinnamon! (Those are perfect for a dessert snack!)

This snack on my list of quick healthy snacks is a favorite for sure!

4. Aldi's Chicken Sausage

Like I said above, I love breakfast sausage!


Aldi carries another amazing chicken breakfast sausage! I love it so much I’ll even eat it for  dinner or lunch when I need a quick, healthy meal!


There in the refrigerated section next to the cheese. These have been my favorites for years!  


There are definitely times where I need some quick protein or feel like eating a hot dog but don’t want to eat whatever weird meat is in them! 


These chicken sausages are GREAT for quick healthy snacks and quick protein! Just like the other chicken sausages, they’re already cooked so they just need to be heated in the microwave!


Definitely a great option when needing some quick, lean protein!


Next time you’re at Aldi, be sure to try them! 


For Trim Healthy Mama this would be considered a fuel pull!

5. Strawberry Avocado Smoothie

So Smoothie King is probably my favorite…even over Starbucks! I KNOW! That’s saying a lot! 


I’ve always loved smoothies! I love strawberry banana smoothies but bananas have so many sugars and carbs that I’d rather avoid them if I can. 


However, I discovered if you substitute an avocado in your smoothie instead of a banana………. It’s basically the same!! 


Add some vanilla, almond milk and stevia and you’ve got an amazing and healthy smoothie! 


Check out my recipe here


(You could also make some strawberry frozen yogurt with the same recipe if you use more frozen strawberries and less of the other ingredients! )


This makes a great “S” meal or snack for Trim Healthy Mama and a great Keto meal as well!

6. Apples & Peanut Butter

This one is an oldie but a goodie! 


Peanut butter is another fav for me! I love a good spoonful of PB! It’s just the best! 


Whenever I need a quick healthy snack and feeling like I want something sweet, I slice up a few apples and grab the PB for some dip! Just SO good!


For an even healthier alternative, I sometimes use honey almond butter! My favorite is this brand from Walmart! Check it out!! 

7. Carrots & Peanut Butter

This one is an oldie but a goodie! 


Peanut butter is another fav for me! I love a good spoonful of PB! It’s just the best! 


Whenever I need a quick healthy snack and feeling like I want something sweet, I slice up a few apples and grab the PB for some dip! Just SO good!


For an even healthier alternative, I sometimes use honey almond butter! My favorite is this brand from Walmart! Check it out!! 

8.Homemade Ranch with Avocado Mayo

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m all about substituting healthy ingredients in my quick healthy snacks! 


Ranch dressing is one of those things I’m just not ready to part with! 


SO! I went on a hunt for some healthier ingredients so I didn’t feel quite as guilty about eating ranch dressing! 


During my search, I stumbled upon mayonnaise made from avocado oil!! You have no idea how happy this made me!


I’m not the biggest mayo fan, but I do love dressing and sauces that are mayo based. And it’s great on a turkey sandwich! So finding a healthy mayo was super exciting for me!


I usually purchase this brand and mix in a packet of ranch seasoning! The mayo is also great on broccoli crunch salads! It’s definitely one of my favorite quick healthy snacks!


This would be a great “S” snack or go along with any “S” meal for Trim Healthy Mama. And it’s a GREAT addition to any snack or meal!

9.Turkey Bacon

Ok.. so this quick healthy snack isn’t so new and pretty obvious, however I guess this is more a tip on how to make it quick! 


SO yes! Real bacon is amazing! But sometimes it’s too much hassle to cook and I also don’t want all the calories. 


Just like the chicken sausage, I love to grab some turkey bacon for some quick, easy protein!


Up until a few years ago, I was trying to make turkey bacon on the stove or in the oven. And I usually burned it every time!


UNTIL! I discovered that you can cook turkey bacon on a paper plate and paper towels in the microwave!! 


Just stack a few paper towels on a paper plate and cover the strips of turkey bacon with another paper towel or two. Set the timer for a minute or two (I have to go off of how many strips I have in there. I usually say it’s about 1 ½ minutes for each strip). 


You’ll hear a lot of popping as it’s cooking, but if your strips are covered well, your microwave shouldn’t be a total disaster! 


I like mine a bit crispy so I cook mine a bit longer. Experiment to see how long you should cook your turkey bacon in your microwave! 


For Trim Healthy Mama, this would be a fuel pull! For Keto, feel free to add some avocado slices on the side or some slices of cheese! 

10. Hard Boiled Egg & "Everything Bagel" Seasoning

Everyone knows that hard boiled eggs are a quick and easy source of protein. 


If you’re like me, hard boiled eggs can be a bit…slimy sometimes. I definitely need a good amount of salt to get them down. 


Recently, I discovered “everything bagel seasoning” at Trader Joe’s (Walmart has some too!). Basically…. It’s AMAZING!!


I have put that seasoning on so, so many different things! And one of my favorite meals to use it on are eggs! Even when I cook them “sunny side up” I shake a little on!

If you haven’t tried it, it’s a must! 


For Trim Healthy Mama, this would make an excellent “S” meal or snack.

11. Cauliflower Chips & Guacamole

Once again, Aldi comes through with this one!

A year or two ago, I was looking for some corn tortilla chip substitutions. Chips and salsa or guacamole are a total fav of mine!

For a while, I just used plantain chips which are great! But they just didn’t have that “corn” or grain taste that tortilla chips usually do. 

Also, I tried cassava tortilla chips (which are also great!) but they can be hard to find when I basically only shop at Walmart and Aldi. (More like….I only ORDER my groceries for delivery… meaning my choices are Walmart or Aldi! HA!)

THEN! I found that Aldi sells cauliflower chips that also are made with cassava flour. They are GREAT! They have that “grain” flavor that I was looking for and they even have a “nacho” flavor! 

They are great! 


12. Coconut Oil Peanut Butter Cookies (Gluten Free!)

I am not sure the world is ready for these cookies… They are my favorite! I have to pace myself because I would eat them for every meal! 


These cookies are not only gluten free, but they’re sugar free as well! AND no bake!


If you’ve ever made “puppy chow” or “muddy buddies” these are similar to make. 


You melt down coconut oil and natural peanut butter. Add some honey and vanilla. Once it’s melted stir in some gluten free oats and plop those babies on a tray with parchment paper to harden!


They are to DIE for! Melt in your mouth, peanut buttery goodness!


Check out the recipe here!

13. Apples in Greek Yogurt Cinnamon

Similar to the strawberry slices and greek yogurt I love to dice some apples and throw them in some greek yogurt! 


Like I said above, I usually add some vanilla and stevia to my greek yogurt to kick the sour “tang”. 


For this quick healthy snack, I also add a bit of cinnamon to give it a bit more of a dessert feel! 


This makes a great breakfast meal or snack anytime during the day!


For Trim Healthy Mama, this would be considered an “E” meal. 

14. Millet Oat & Honey Bars

If you’re like me, there are situations where you don’t have time to actually make a healthy snack! 

It can be hard to find healthy store bought snacks but these days, more and more stores are carrying them! 

Trader Joe’s carries these amazing oat, millet and honey bars that are perfect for “grab and go”! They even have little chunks of dark chocolate in them!

Be sure to check them out next time you’re there!

15. Coconut Oil Fried Tortilla

This is one of my favs! This last quick healthy snack, can even be considered keto if you don’t eat too many of them!


To make this dessert, grab some coconut oil and a low carb tortilla from the store. 


Melt the coconut oil in a large skillet and coat both sides of the tortilla with the oil. (It’s better not to use a ton).


Once the oil is heated, just keep flipping the tortilla until it starts to puff up and get those little brown spots! 


Take it out of the pan and put it on a plate with a paper towel. Sprinkle some stevia and cinnamon and voila! A delicious and healthy dessert! 

–   –  –  –

I hope you enjoyed these quick healthy snacks! Have you tried any of them? I’d love to hear from you! Shoot me an email! Be sure to subscribe below and follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!


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