Jaden’s Fireman Birthday Party was definitely a hit!

If you’ve read my other party posts (Paw Patrol Birthday, Toy Story Birthday, Classic Baby Boy Birthday, and Peter Pan Birthday) you’ll know I love a good party!

I love the whole party process! Event planning is in my blood! 


If you read my Halloween Costume Ideas post, you’ll know Jaden was SUPER into firetrucks and fire fighters. 

Jaden and Parker James were a fireman and Dalmatian puppy pair. It was quite adorable! 

Since Jaden was still so excited about firetrucks, it made it very easy to choose this theme! 


Like I’ve said before, we do our parties with the same “formula” as you will.

We use a back drop agains a wall with our buffet as the table and focal point. 

Even though I knew what we would do for the theme, I wasn’t sure where exactly it was going.   I went round and round about what the main focus would be.


Between the firefighters or the fire pups or the fire itself, I wasn’t sure which way to go.


I realized pretty quickly that I shouldn’t focus too much on the fire aspect as that could be a bit too much for a kids party. Burning buildings with people having out waiting to be rescued may be a bit much! HA!

And as you all know, I had already done a Paw Patrol birthday party so I didn’t think it would be great to do a Dalmatian themed “fire dog” party. 


I started to realized Jaden’s favorite part of the whole theme was the TRUCK itself! And there you have it folks! The theme unfolded from there! 


For the back drop, since I decided I would focus on firetrucks, I thought it would be fitting to make a giant firetruck facing head on.

Like normal, I used Dollar Tree materials to created the back drop. I used red and orange plastic table cloths as the curtains (just as I normally do!) as well as a brick print plastic table cloth to hand behind the firetruck itself. 




Besides the giant firetruck, I thought it would be nice to have another sign that was “firetruck” themed. 

It finally dawned on me to make the house a “firehouse”. So, I made a large badge that said “Jaden’s Fire House” and put a “#6” on it to represent both his age and the firehouse number.

This was the first party that I really got a lot of use out of my Cricut! It DEFINITELY came in handy for all of the signs and lettering!

As usual, I made water bottle labels that fit the theme as well as some other food items such as red, yellow and orange bell peppers cut in strips to look like flames.

Also, as some of the party favors, I found some adorable fire hydrant water bottles as well as some fire dogs that I let the kids “adopt”.

Like always, I did some other odds and ends like wrap neon and black strips of card stock around plastic silverware and napkin bundles to look like fireman reflectors. 

Lastly, I set out some of Jaden’s firman toys and dalmatians he already had and put some streamers and balloon clumps up around the house! 



It looked pretty festive!!


The Backdrop:

Like I said, I actually got to use my Cricut for this party! I used the Cricut to cut the letters but I handout all the rest of the firetruck shapes.

Like I’ve said before, I’m the queen of turning poster boards into party decor! I used poster board for the entire firetruck!

Like I said above, I did what I normally do and draped plastic tablecloths as curtains. To hang it, I use two dowel rods connected in the middle and tied fishing line to the ends to hand it up like a scroll sign. 

The Badge: 

As you can probably tell, I used poster board for this as well. I simply cut out the shape of a badge on the black poster board just a an inch or two smaller than I wanted the entire thing.

Next I traced that onto the red poster and cut about an inch or more around it so the boarder was bigger. 

And I’m sure you can tell I used my Cricut for the design! Handy old vinyl! Works like a charm!

I used the same Cricut technique and design for the party bags! The kids LOVED them! 



Party games are the most fun ever! So silly and so many people watching! I love it!

It was hard to come up with games or actives that were actually fireman themed, so I took some old classics and “slapped” the theme on them! 

First we did a version of a bean bag toss through a foam board with different leveled holes. (I basically just cut holes in the board and glued some construction paper flames to it.)

And second, we played “Ping Pong Ball Toss” …aka beer pong without the beer! HA!

I glued some paper flames to some red solo cups and taped them to a kid sized table. Each kiddo had a chance to bounce or toss the ping pong ball into the cup! 

The kids had a BLAST with both of those games!! They each kept taking several turns for both games! So fun!

The kids played this forever! We played these games right before cake and ice cream and the kids kept playing even after dessert! 


It was too fun! 


Like I said earlier, Jaden and Parker James were a fireman and fire pup for Halloween. So pulling their costumes back out was super easy! 

(If you want to see how I made them/put them together check out my Halloween post!)


I have to say. They sure made a cute pair! Of course mama had to match the theme some how. So I grabbed a Dalmation print blouse and a red headband! Too fun! 


After doing so many parties, I’ve come up with a recipe for the cakes that I use for all my parties.

(Check out my recipe here!)

I always make a 2 tier cake that has a vanilla top layer and chocolate bottom layer. I want people to be able to have the choice!

I’ve said this before, I’m not a baker.  BUT! I’ve learned a lot about cakes over the past several years. Baking cakes and decorating them are two very different skills as well.  

I do my best to make things simple and create a design or decorations to match the rest of the theme that isn’t extremely difficult. 

Being a firetruck party, I knew the obvious was to try and make a firetruck cake. 

However, after thinking more on it, I was not confident I could pull that off!

BUT! I knew I could throw some flames on a fairly easy design! To top it off, I threw a firetruck cake topper to give it a finishing touch!

We had a GREAT time putting together this party and wishing our sweet Jaden a happy 6th birthday! 

–   –   –   –

I hope you enjoyed this birthday party post! We had a blast! Have you tried any of these games or crafts?? I’d love to hear from you!! Shoot me an email! Be sure to subscribe below as well as follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!


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