We had such an amazing Easter with our family and friends. I know fall is DEFINITELY my favorite … like ever… but spring is definitely RIGHT behind it!

I am obsessed and always have been with candy shell, pastel colors! This year, I thought it would be fun to share our Easter with you and some of our family traditions! 

1. The Decor


With the help of Hobby Lobby and Amazon , my house was fully decorated and ready for spring!

2. Easter Morning

Of course, I had to use a balloon arch as part of my decor to surprise the boys on Easter morning! You know this mama LOVES a good balloon arch!

For their Easter gifts, I bought the boys a bunch of their favorite book series that had an Easter or spring theme! The books included Little Blue Truck, Llama Llama,  Biscuit, and of COURSE Peter Rabbit!!!

And of course we had to snap a pic on the way to church with their Easter baskets!

3. The Table Decor

We usually do Easter at my mom’s since they have the biggest back yard for an Easter Egg hunt! 

I just love how she decorates for Easter! We always use her best china, silver and crystal!

Each guest has a gift or Easter basket at their seat. And of course, LOTS of flowers!

And like we said before, we are fans of Peter Rabbit so we had to use our classic Peter Rabbit set for the kiddos!

4. The Food

Sadly, I didn’t do as well documenting our Easter meal but I did get a few shots from that day!

Besides this incredible spinach berry salad, we had roasted turkey, honey baked ham, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted asparagus, berries and of course our favorite dyed deviled eggs!

It was SURE a delicious meal and super fun to prepare! 


5. The Outfits


We usually do classic outfits for the boys. (Preferably monogramed because… duh!) We found Parker James’ little outfit on an adorable website called Smocking Bird .  I am a bit obsessed with their baby clothes!! 

 Now that Jaden is 6 (and wearing 7-8T clothes!) we decided to put him in an older looking outfit but still classic of course. His Tommy Hilfiger shirt and Vineyard Vines bow tie did the trick! 


Being the boy mama that I am, I decided to wear blue as well! I found this adorable dress on Amazon! It was so flowey and Springy! I loved it!

And after all that,  the hubby decided wear pink! But he looked great of course! 

6. The Hunt

So this was probably the most fun (and cutest!) part of the day! Last year, Parker James was too little to do the Easter egg hunt. But THIS year, he was ALL about it!

The boys had the best time marching around, hunting for eggs!


It was a GORGEOUS day filled with a lot of fun, beautiful food and family!



I hope you enjoyed this Easter post and  that you and your family had a wonderful as well! 


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