Bus Birthday Party


WOAH! I seriously cannot believe our sweet baby boy is T W  O ! ! WHERE does the time go!? 

It has been a rollercoaster 2 years with this little one (especially the first year! If you haven’t checked out his birth story… it’s a doozy)

I said this in most of my party posts, but I. LOVE. PARTIES!

Any excuse to host and plan an event and I’m THERE! 

And, of course, it’s always super fun to throw a party for your sweet kiddos! 

I will say it did make it a bit more challenging this year juggling putting our house on the market and packing up to move! But y’all know this mama is very into time and project management! 

Even with all the crazy life is throwing our way, I had a great time putting this party together and can’t wait to show you all the fun!



Our sweet Parker James has always loved buses. He’s been enthralled with the song “The Wheels on the Bus” since before he turned one! 

Eventually, when he started saying words, one of his first was actually “bus”! In fact, every vehicle was a “bus”! And, of course, we’ve loved it! It’s just too cute to hear him call everything that drives a bus! 

Naturally, we decided to throw him a “bus” party! 




Just as we did for his 1st birthday , we had a backdrop with a balloon arch attached to the side. 

Parker James loves  Buster the Bus from “Little Baby Bum” so I decided to make that the focal point hanging in front of a yellow gingham backdrop



I also made a large school bus to use as a photobooth area for the kids! They loved it! 

The tables had yellow gingham table runners, burlap charger plates, and some little yellow buses that I sent home with the kids as party favors!


For the food, I stuck with my usual party food of dollar roll and croissant sandwiches. 

Usually, I would serve some chicken salad along with the deli sandwiches, but I decided this time I would try an alfredo penne dish! 



After coming up with the bus theme, I thought it would be really fun to ask the guests to wear yellow if they had it! 

It was SO fun to see a “sea” of yellow! 


To fit the theme, I found Parker James a yellow bus tee and a yellow birthday hat! 

Of course, it was too difficult to find a yellow 2nd birthday party hat, so I ordered a 1st birthday hat and added a 2! HA! It worked perfectly!  


If you read my post on my signature birthday cake recipe, I described how I make my cakes. 

Basically, I make a two tier cake with a chocolate base and white cake topper. 

To fit the bus party theme, I used yellow and white buttercream icing (see my favorite recipe here!). To give it a clean look, I popped in a school bus cake topper! 

Since there were a lot of kids coming to the party, I decided to also make some cupcakes that were easy to grab and eat without a fork if need be. I was able to find adorable little bus cupcake toppers too!



Being our second boy, it’s been hard to come up with toys and things we don’t have! 

But! I was able to come up with some fun bus related toys along with this adorable “cozy coupe” truck

–  –  –  –

Needless to say, we ALL had a GREAT time! It was such a wonderful Bus Birthday party! Be sure to subscribe to see more posts and never miss a thing! Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest too!


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