3 Favorite Mom Hack Products


Keeping my home organized is super important to me as a work from home, SAHM! I am a bit particular about how the house is kept, what kind of routine we’re doing, what projects and “to do’s” need to get done each day.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for making life easier and finding mom hacks along the way!  I find myself searching the organization sections of Amazon or Target often. 

In my search I found some pretty awesome home organizational products! I am super excited to share with you some great mom finds from Storage Theory!

1. Food Pouch Slider

If your kids are like mine, they go through a TON  of apple sauce pouches, yogurt pouches, baby food pouches etc. They’re so nice to have on hand for a quick snack or to throw in the lunch box. 

For a while, we’ve just been keeping them in their original box from the store. At one point, I thought about getting some clear bins to store in the fridge. 

Then I found these awesome food pouch sliders! They stick on the top of the inside of your fridge so easily! The kids love helping me load them and also slide a pouch off all themselves! 



2. Food Pouch Hanger

Just like the food pouch slider, Storage Theory also offers food pouch hangers that we love just as much!

Like I said above, my kiddos enjoy a wide variety of food pouches. Everything from baby food to yogurt. Having these food pouch hangers on the inside walls and doors of our fridge helps to keep different food pouch types organized. 

The kids like knowing that each type of food has its own spot in the fridge and just where to look for them! 

The hangers are so easy to load as well!! 

3. Baby Monitor Shelf

Having a video baby monitor these days is pretty common. Even in the older kiddos’ rooms!

We have one currently in Parker James’ room (he’s 2 ½) and I use it daily to check on him during nap times and to see when he wakes up each morning.

One thing I’ve found difficult is getting the camera at just the right angle to see well in the crib. 

Luckily! Storage Theory  carries these amazing baby monitor shelves

We’ve loved ours! It was super easy to install and really helped the monitor get the exact angle we need to see what our little guy is up to. 

They’re also available in two other versions! The Vusee anywhere and Vusee flat products as well when mentioning the Vusee corner! 



All of these (and more!) are available on Storage Theory’s website as well as Amazon and Etsy

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