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It’s been a minute BUT! I am finally getting to putting these photos together to share Jaden’s Hot Wheels Party for his 7th birthday! 

We’ve had a blast throwing these birthday parties for our babes! I have said this in most of my party posts, but I. LOVE. PARTIES! (Go check out the other party posts to see just how much!!!) 

Here’s some of the fun we had that day!


Being a boy, race cars and mainly Hot Wheels have been a staple in our home! 

So, of course, a Hot Wheels Party just made perfect sense! At first, I was a bit concerned with which route to go. Focus on the cars? The rally flags? The colors or logo? 

I ended up landing on focusing on flames and theme colors with some texture here and there with the rally flag print! 




Like I do for most parties, I hung a plastic rally flag table cloth with a Hot Wheels flame logo that had Jaden’s name. I hung orange and yellow plastic table cloths on either side. 

To top it off, I made some flames out of poster board and put them overlapping across the top as a border. To give the backdrop a bit more flair, I found these adorable tire floaties from Amazon that made the whole buffet table look like a Hot Wheel! 


When it comes to parties, never underestimate the power of simple streamers and balloon clusters using theme colors! They add so much to the entire party!

I made flames for all the front windows as well as a lot of other focal places in the house. Also, I used other Hot Wheel toys we already had and used them as decorations and center pieces!


And of course, I made the kids personalized Hot Wheels party bags! 




For the food, I stuck with my usual party food of dollar roll and deli meat, veggie and fruit trays, and other goodies! 


And of course, what’s a party without personalized theme water bottles!?


 I described how I make my cakes in my post  signature birthday cake recipe.

For this cake, I stuck with my normal design but added some ribbon and cars for texture and dimension! 

I used blue food coloring for the buttercream icing (see my favorite recipe here!).

To give it a finished Hot Wheels vibe, I put  in a cake personalized topper from Etsy(Yes, I TOTALLY could have made this with my Cricut  but didn’t take the time! HAH!) I also put a rally checkered ribbon around the base of the top layer to give it  pop of texture. 

Towards the end, I thought  I’d also make some cupcakes. Thanks so Hobby Lobby, they had these adorable cup cake liners and toppers! 



Since we live at the end of a cul-de-sac, we mostly just let the kids play with bikes and other driveway toys. However I did have a few group games for them to play. 

Using the same inflatable tires that I talked about above, I had the kids run a relay race rolling the tire in a weaving pattern through orange cones!

We also used the orange cones for a ring toss game!

As I’m sure you can see, we ALL had a GREAT time!



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