Mickey Mouse Birthday Party


We had THE BEST time putting together this Mickey Mouse Birthday party! I am finally getting to putting these photos together to share Parker James’s 3rd birthday!

Like I have said in most of my party posts, I. LOVE. PARTIES! (Go check out the other party posts to see just how much!!!) 

Here’s some of the fun we had that day!


This boy has LOVED Mickey since he was just a few months old! 

So a Mickey Mouse Party just made perfect sense! I have to be honest. I think I was most excited for this party because I LOVE Mickey and Minnie and EVERYTHING Disney!

It was so much fun putting together this colorful polka dotted party! 




To make this simple, I hung a plastic table cloth with a red and white polka dot print as the backdrop. I make a Mickey poster board sign with Parker James’s name and age.   Just like I usually do, I used Dollar Tree poster board and my Cricut to make a stencil with the Disney font. 

Friends… NEVER underestimate what a ballon arch can do!! To top it off, I made a HUGE balloon arch with the Mickey colors! (Here’s the balloons I used!)

To give the buffet a bit of a finishing touch, I found made a Mickey Mouse Happy Birthday banner to hang across the front. 


Sometimes the most simple decorations, can make a huge difference! It’s in the little details! I used my Cricut to cut out a TON of little and medium size Mickey ears to decorate windows in the dinning room (see picture of the dinning room above) as well as other windows and french doors all over the house! I also made some large Mickey ears and put red “Mickey” pants on them for some extra detail!

Along the same lines, never underestimate the power of a few streamers and balloon clumps here and there  using the party theme colors! Such a great pop of color and tie the whole house together! Also never underestimate just HOW many balloons you’ll need for all the corners and door frames! HAHA! And no! These weren’t even for the balloon arch!

Using my Cricut, I made a front door hanger that turned out SUPER cute! After making the Mickey shoes, hands and other shapes, I glued it do a polka dotted ribbon so it would hang almost like a stick person! HAHA!

Like I usually do, I made the kids personalized Mickey Mouse party bags! 

I’ve always wanted to this and FINALLY made it happen this year! After watching this awesome tutorial, I made a large #3 marquee and stuffed it with balloons! 


Also, here’s where we got his Mickey tee!


For the menu, I stuck with my usual party food of dollar roll and deli meat, veggie and fruit trays, but added some buffalo dip, alfredo pasta and chicken salad sandwiches!

To keep with the theme, I used a Mickey cookie cutter and made Mickey shaped cheese slices and rice krispies as well as set out bowls of berries in a Mickey Mouse shape. SADLY! I didn’t get super great pictures of them before people dug into the food! You win some you lose some right!? 

And like I said before, it’s ALL in the little details! So of COURSE I made personalized theme water bottles!


In a previous blog post, I map out how I  make my cakes:  signature birthday cake recipe.

For this Mickey cake, I used my traditional design and put some polka dot ribbon around the base and used black fondant (and a small Mickey Mouse cookie cutter) to give it some depth.  

I used red food coloring for the buttercream icing (see my favorite recipe here!).

To give it a finished look, I used my Cricut to make a personalized cake topper! I also grabbed a half foam ball from Hobby Lobby and painted it black as well as hot glued poster board ears to make a Mickey head. So it wouldn’t leave foamy crumbles on top of the cake, I put parchment paper on the bottom of it.

I usually make some cupcakes so people have a choice so I used my Cricut to make some mini Mickey ears and hot glued them to tooth picks! Just because I’m a bit extra, I had my Cricut cut some scalloped cupcake wrappers too! It’s in the details right!?!

As I’m sure you can see, we ALL had a GREAT time!

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