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Like many of you saw from my last post, we celebrated Parker James’s 3rd birthday a week or so ago! (Check out all the fun with his party here!!)

We had so much fun and loved every minute of putting together his party! It was such a great time celebrating our sweet boy! 

There were some questions about what we got him for his birthday so I thought I’d throw together a quick little Toddler Gift Guide especially as the holidays are just around the corner! 

  1. Excavator Truck

OH my goodness the look on Parker James’s face when he pulled that truck out of the box! It was priceless! 

BOTH of my boys absolutely LOVE this awesome Excavator Truck from Joymor!

The truck came with an adorable little yellow hard hat and two plastic “boulders” so your little ones can really use the digger shovel on the truck! 

We’ve had the best time playing with it!

    2. iBricks

This is a GREAT gift for many ages! These foam bricks have been so much fun for our boys!

It’s so fun how they stack similar to Legos or Mega Blocks but they’re so soft and foamy!

The boys have loved building towns, towers, castles, forts, igloos, and so many more things they’ve thought up that these blocks could be! I can tell we’ll be using them a LOT this winter when we’re stuck in doors. 

So many fun building ideas!

        3. Bentley Trike

I realized after Bentley Trike sent us this stroller that this was Parker James’s first stroller that was just his! 

Our jogger stroller and even our double stroller had been for Jaden or handed down to be used for both of them. So having his very own stroller that was ALSO a trike was just icing on the cake!

This boy has loved EVERY walk with this awesome trike stroller! It can do so many positions depending on the age of your child as well as what you need it for at the minute! 

The seat can face you or face forward. There’s a handle to push as a stroller that can be removed so it’s just a trike. 

So many possibilities! We have LOVED our Bentley Trike


     4. Mclaren Scooter

How fun is this scooter from Mclaren!? Parker James is SO excited about it! 

It’s built just for toddlers/preschoolers learning to learn how to balance on a scooter. Instead of just 2 wheels, it has 3 for extra stabilization. 

Once your little one gets a bit better at balancing, you can change the settings on the wheels allowing the scooter to have more of a turn radius! 

The scooter also has adjustable handles so it can grow with them! Such a fun scooter!!

   5. AirFort

Don’t ask me why but building a fort as a kid was just one of our favorite things ever to do. 

My brother and I would’ve DIED if we had a fort this cool! And I know my mom would have loved the clean up WAY more than a million blankets, pillows, chairs, boxes and whatever other odds and ends we used. 

This AirFort folds up into the tiny bag it came in! All you need is a box fan! My boys even set it up themselves! It’s THE BEST! Thank you so much to AirFort for this awesome gift! Head over to @theairfort to see all their different styles and designs! We’re obsessed!

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Do you have any of these fun toys??  Do you have anything to add? I’d love to hear from you! Shoot me an email! Be sure to subscribe below so you don’t miss a thing as well as follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!


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