Cozy Cabin Getaway


Who doesn’t love a good getaway!?

Matt and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary this year, so we decided to take a little trip to a cozy cabin! 

We found the absolute best cabins at River of Life Farm!

(Check out footage from our stay here!!)

Located in southern Missouri, River of Life Farm is a wonderful family owned venue! From tree house cabins and cabins for larger parties to cozy 700 square foot cabins for 2, whichever you’re looking for River of Life Farm has you covered! 

We absolutely loved being able to open our back door to our porch and hear the river rushing below. No matter which cabin you stay in, the views are absolutely  incredible!  


The large decks on the cabins make it the perfect place to visit with friends and family or curl up with a good book to enjoy your morning coffee. And the vaulted roof gave the deck (and the cabin) such a large spacious feel!

Our cabin for 2 was just perfect with a comfy sofa in front of the fire place. In the evenings we curled up and watched some movies by the fire to unwind. 

The large king bed was so comfortable! Placed right next to the back windows, it was so amazing to have such a great view to wake up to each morning!  

The cabins have a jacuzzi tub right next to the large picture window. All of the fixtures are so nice and newly updated! Such wonderful amenities!


The larger cabins have beautiful walk on porches with a walk way straight to the gorgeous view in the back!

The cabins come with a fire pit or ring for camp fires as well as BBQ grills. In addition to the grils the cabins have a fully equipped kitchen so you can cook all your favorite meals!

AND! If you’re not up for cooking, they have you covered ! They offer meals up at the lodge! The lodge has a lovely gift shop as well as Wifi! 

In the summer, River of Life welcomes hundreds of guests and offers kayak and canoe rentals for float trippers. They are a huge attraction! 



We definitely recommend River of Life Farm to anyone looking for a getaway or float trip! We can’t say enough amazing things about our wonderful stay at River of Life Farm and can’t wait until our next visit! 


Be sure to check out their website:  River of Life Farm

And follow them on Instagram: @tree_house_cabins

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