Even though I’m in FULL swing fall mode, I realized if I didn’t get a blog post out with these adorable 1st Birthday Photoshoot photos from Parker James’s 1st birthday in August, I never would get them posted!

And they are WAY too adorable not to share!

Where we live, there is a little town called Kimmswick. It has the sweetest shops and restaurants. This little town always feels like something out of a movie or the sweet little town in Gilmore Girls.

Kimmswick is one of our favorite little spots. We definitely lucked out being only five minutes from this little town!

Kimmswick is right next to the Mississippi River and around the corner from the town is our favorite little farm!

The Anheuser-Busch family estate farm is the most underrated little park! It is SO beautiful. 

Up until last summer (2019) when the floods were so bad, the farm was full of horses that were in training. 

These horses were being trained as therapy horses. We often go walking on the path around the estate. It’s probably our favorite park to walk!


When thinking of a place to do Parker James’ 1st Birthday Photoshoot, it only seemed natural to go to the horse farm!

Some of the cutest parts of the estate is the cute gabled barn! I love it’s cheery white color and it’s rust red roof! Such a perfect farmy look!

The farm also has train tracks that are right next to the entrance. They’re out of use so they made a GREAT feature for our photoshoot!

This shot has to be one of my favorites! We just can’t contain our love for this little squishy baby! Such a smoosh!

We, of course, decided to do the photoshoot at sunset for the “golden hour glow”. This picture is just SO magical! His little face is just too precious!

Even though the main focus of our photoshoot was the baby’s first birthday, we wanted to get some family shots as well as some of Daddy and the boys!

Jaden started Kindergarten a few days after this photoshoot too. We figured it could double as a 5 year old kindergarten photoshoot as well!


If you read my post about how Parker James made him “grand” entrance, you’ll know we had quite the scare. Now a year later, we’re so thrilled to know him and have him as our own!



We had the best time taking these photos! I have to say that I am one lucky “mom blogger”.



I hear so many other bloggers talk about their photoshoot process. Taking the time to book with the photographer, choose the theme or the location, paying the photographer and waiting for the proofs.



However, I totally lucked out because it just so happens my brother is an AMAZING photographer! 


He is so kind to always take our photos and he does SUCH a wonderful job every time!

One reason being, I don’t have to wait to get the shots back! I also love that he includes me in the creative process! (If you don’t know, I can be a bit of a control freak haha!)


Here’s a little photo of some “behind the scenes” to prove it! I will say, it’s still pretty magical! My brother’s an artist am I right?!



Needless to say, we had a wonderful evening at the horse farm with some incredible shots to last a lifetime! 



I hope you enjoyed Parker James’ 1st Birthday Photoshoot! We sure did!


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