Spooky Movie Night


spooky movie night
spooky movie night
spooky movie night

We had the move fun Spooky Movie Night the other night and wanted to share the fun with you!


I just LOVE the end of October! Yes, I know. It gets a little cold and dreary instead of the bright crisp fall days. 


But something about that full moon, cloudy feeling close to Halloween is just SO fun! 


Remember running around on Halloween night to all the parties and trick or treating? THAT is what the cold “spooky” weather reminds me of!


And. I. LOVE. it!!


It makes me want to go watch a Halloween movie or go to an old fashioned Halloween party.


Halloween movie nights are some of my favorite ever! Besides Christmas movies, Halloween movies are a close second!

I will say, I’m not into the TRULY spooky stuff like slasher, horror or possessed stuff. That stuff sticks with me and TERRIFIES me.(Quick side note… slightly embarrassing… I watched the movie “The Ring” in high school and had to sleep in my parents room WITH the light on for like 3 weeks….) 

SO… I don’t do great with actual scary movies. BUT all the fun 80’s and 90’s classics are my FAV! Give my “Hocus Pocus” and “Beetle Juice” all day long!

Even better – a Harry Potter marathon!

A  week or so ago I decided it would be fun to throw a Halloween “Spooky Movie Night” with all sorts of fun treats, movies, and activities! 

I thought y’all would like to see what we did and how much fun it was!


Like I said above, I’m not the best with truly scary movies. Also, this was more a kid’s Spooky Movie Night so nothing could be even remotely scary. (Jaden is only 5.)

We went round and round about what movie would be best and settled on “Hotel Transylvania”. 

While we were brainstorming movies, we saw SO many other fun movie ideas that it made it hard to choose! 

Here’s a fun List of Spooky Movie Night ideas! (Little kid friendly!)

1. Hotel Transylvania

spooky Movie night

2. Hotel Transylvania 2

spooky Movie night

3. Curious George Boo Fest

spooky Movie night

4. Charlie Brown & The Great Pumpkin

spooky Movie night

5. Spookly the Square Pumpkin

spooky Movie night

6. Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie

spooky Movie night

7. Casper the Cartoon (Not the 90’s film). 

spooky Movie night

8. Double Double, Toil and Trouble

spooky Movie night


What would a Spooky Movie Night be without some spooky movie night snacks!? 


If you know me, you’ll know… I can be a bit… extra… But I wouldn’t have it any other way! I just have too much fun doing projects, making costumes, throwing events, etc.


Some of our spooky movie night snacks were pretty easy. We grabbed some kettle corn and popcorn as well as some pretzels, peanuts and candy corn for a spooky trail mix.  


But I thought it would be fun to make some Halloween themed rice krispie treats


To make the shapes, I grabbed some Halloween cookie cutters from Walmart


They came with all sorts of fun spooky shapes. For cookies these shapes would be awesome! But for rice krispie treats, I realized I had to pick larger cookie cutters.


I settled on a pumpkin and a ghost! I also realized I could make some spooky monster or frankenstein rice krispie treats too without a cookie cutter.


To make the pumpkin and ghost rice krispie treats, I used the original Rice Krispie Treat Recipe.

spooky movie night


While they were still warm, I put half of the rice krispie treat “dough” onto some parchment paper to cut shapes out of and the other half to cut into rectangles for the “frankenstin monsters”. 

Because it’s so sticky, I laid another piece of parchment paper on top and pressed down to make the dough flat.


spooky movie night

Then I used my cookie cutters to cut out ghosts and pumpkins from the rice krispie dough.

spooky movie night  


I grabbed some vanilla almond bark at the store, and melted it down to dip the shapes into.

Obviously, I kept the ghost white, and used some food coloring for the pumpkins and the monsters.

spooky movie night


spooky movie night

Side Note:

First of all, if I had to do this again, I would DEFINITELY go with the white chocolate candy melts. The almond bark was SO sweet and not the best flavor. 

Second thing- Be aware what type of food coloring you’re using for the almond bark (or candy melts). 

I’m not sure exactly what happened but my green almond bark became thick and dry like playdough. I was using two different types of gel food coloring.

For some reason when I mixed the two kinds, it had some sort of reaction with the almond bark and made it thicken and harden. 

Luckily! That only happened on the green monsters! 

spooky movie night  


(I did attempt to make a purple icing so we would have some purple monsters, but the same “chemical reaction” happened there too. I ended up just dumping that!) 

Like I said above, if I had to do this again, I would white chocolate candy melts. So I’m not sure if the food coloring gel would be an issue!


For the ghosts, once they had harded, I used some melted chocolate to make a little face. They turned out perfectly! SO, so cute!

Once the orange candy coating had set on the pumpkins, I used some cookie icing to make pumpkin stems and vines. 

(This helped make it more obvious that it was a pumpkin!)

Lastly, I threw some candy eyeballs onto the monsters and called it a day!


spooky movie night

These spooky movie night rice krispies turned out ADORABLE!

spooky movie night



Since we had some good family friends over for the evening, we thought it would be good to make a pot of chili for our fall themed night!

If you have kids or know them at all, you’ll know… they probably won’t eat chili!

SO! To make it fun for our little guys, we made some pigs in a blanket but spooky movie night style!

My friend was sweet enough to go along with the theme when she made them!

She wrapped the dough around the hot dogs like a mummy and gave them “ketchup eyes” once they were baked!

They were SO good and fit our theme perfectly!


spooky movie night


There are SO many fun Halloween and fall traditions to do at parties. Bobbing for apples. Bean bag toss or corn hole. Candy corn jar guessing games. 


We decided to go with the traditional pumpkin carving contest! Although, to be honest, it wasn’t really a contest. Just something fun!


Jaden LOVED scooping out all the “pumpkin guts”. (Typical boy!)


He decided he wanted us to make Marshall from Paw Patrol. He’s always loved them! (read our Paw Patrol party post!) 


Our friends decided on a classic Ghostbusters logo! They both turned out so cute!


We also made a cute pumpkin craft to look like Jack o’lanterns! It was super easy!


All we needed was some orange paint, construction paper and a paper plate!


The paper plate was the base and I had Jaden paint it orange. Next, I cut out black construction paper for the eyes and mouth. 


For the stem, I used brown construction paper then curled some green stripps of paper for the vines!


They turned out GREAT! 


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As you can see, we had a BLAST at our spooky movie night! Have you made any of these crafts or snacks? I’d LOVE to hear from you! Shoot me an email! If you haven’t already, check out some other fun “Mama Life” posts! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!


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